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9 months ago
Welcome to Angel's Reach 1.17.1

Hey everyone, we had couple weeks of down time due to a host issue (my fault) and we're slowly coming back online. This has given us an opportunity to:

  1. Get up to date with Minecraft 1.17.1
  2. Replace the website with something easier to manage
  3. Prune out some older plugins
  4. Get messy with the server and try some new things out.

Because our databases were lost during this incident, AngelProtect land claim data and McMMO levels and experience were lost. What this means for you is:

  1. Message VergilPrime here on the forums or VergilPrime#9999 with about how many runes you had to get them fixed.
  2. No raiding probably until 1.18 Looks like claims survived so nevermind, raid away.
  3. Start grinding your skills back up ASAP!

Permissions and the new player experience are effectively borked but will be fixed ASAP so keep calm and I should have it fixed within a day or two. Thanks for your patience!